Products for Volvo L3314/ C202 (Valp, Lapländer)


Volvo L3314 «valp»\ Lapländer main instrument adaptor

Price: 1100NOK

If you are like me, not sitting on top of your original Valp main instrument but would like to have a better viewing angle, with the gauges pointed some more towards you to see them better, i can make new types of instrument consols that fits directly into your hole.

Using the factory retainers underneat. And the gauges you would like to have fitted, if its the factory ones or new types. I changed from outdated original ones to VDO style + factory Speedo with better lights on them as i use the car as a camper all year around. On this i put in some directional blinker indicators and chargelight + long light indicators to match and upgrade the look.


This exact pictured example is for stock Speedometer and 4x 52mm VDO style gauges, with separate 12mm indicators on the side and the top.

Volvo L3314 «valp»\ Lapländer Center consoll

Price: on demand!

Custom centerconsol for Volvo L3314 «valp» with all the modernization you could need.
This is how i made one fit my own L3314 Ambuilance. With the feautures i needed for a camper build.

i modify this for your wish and demand for equipment. It clears the gear levers, and hi\low gear stick, so everything in between that shape can be made for your demand.
Price depends on size, equipment etc that you would need. On this you see a 10,25» android unit, that have GPS, cell phone network, wifi, RCD in and outputs etc like any normal android car stereo unit. And Calix switches for a lot of electrical equipment. 12V outputs and cup holder.

This is a unit of 5 parts. 4 on the right and the full left cover.

It all replaces the metal plate that covers the fan and wiring inside the center.

Pictured Android unit can be found here and is to be bought separate: