Shipping world wide available!

Please contact us for quote.

Check our countrys postal service on this link for shipping outside Norway, use google translate or your web browsers translation function if it has one.
Most 3D modells are way under 1KG when packed for shipping, so just choose this to see the shippingcost, if the modell weighs over 1KG for the shippingcost to be correct i will let you know


Shipping within Norway:
185 NOK Norgespakke

Standard parcels under 1KG:
Europe: 299NOK

Outside Europe: 334NOK

Both prices is with insurance and tracking!

Normally it takes about 14 days to recieve it outside Norway after shippment.

Prices may change both up and down, i do not add any cost to the shipping for handling or anything.
I only charge what our countrys postal service charge.

Possible to ship without tracking and insurance, cheeper but at your own risk if wanted!