Due to factory Burned down!
NOT possible to get any more!







NEW unused fresly produced Volvo R-Sport Seatcovers,
just like Volvo sold them.

Same unaltered quality, from same factory and with same fabric, as allways!

Available for 200, 400, 700, 900, 800 and firstgen S/V70 series.

These seatcovers pulls over the existing fabric of your original seats.
During install it is best to take the rear seats out.
Front seats can stay without making it difficult to get to everywhere to tighten it.

For 200/700/900 series the front seats will have upgraded sidesupports to make it feel like an aftermarked sportseat. But with Volvos well known comfort.
The sidesupport was designed and put there by Volvo, and it makes driving sporty feel much better. On 944 it also have sidesupport on the rear seats.

Price for a complete set front and back with 4\5 headsupportcovers:

9000 NOK + shipping.

Shippingcost can be checked on the left side menu or email me for quote, World wide shipping available.

Comes in these combinations:

https://images.finncdn.no/dynamic/640w/2015/6/vertical-5/30/1/612/155/31_249659056.jpg Galleribilde Galleribilde Ingen bildebeskrivelse er tilgjengelig.

http://www.l-m-r.se/pages/resources/shopImages/1206/large/produkter/240/VO24014.JPGhttp://www.l-m-r.se/pages/resources/shopImages/1206/large/produkter/240/VO24015.JPGhttp://www.l-m-r.se/pages/resources/shopImages/1206/large/produkter/240/VO24013.JPGIngen bildebeskrivelse er tilgjengelig.