Welcome to my page where you can look at all the different 3D designed/ printed accessories i supply for different purpouses.


I started the 3D journey Desember 2018 after many years of searching for parts i never found my self.
And that made me get into this, to supply You with parts you normally never find anywhere else, or is discontinued from factory.


I enjoy making all of this as a hobby, mostly for my own cars, as they demand a trial and error phase.
To go from 3D modell to finished bolt on accessorie, it might take a few fails and errors.
But i take custom jobs on request.


Every 3D modell i have, can in most cases be modified for Your wish and request. Contact me if you have some special needs before purchase.
Most parts are made on demand, but some i keep in stock, like most of the stereobrackets for Volvo.

All parts need to be prepaid, and shipped from Norway, Europe. I do Not sell or share the 3d modell file or STL.

My goal is that every part i make is to be bolt on, no modification needed.
But might be recomended to reinforce or alter slightly the mounting position,
to be securely installed without possible danger during an accident.

In all the cases i am able, putting stuff back to stock condition will not leave any visual sign,
that you sometime have used any of my products, if possbile.

Beware. None of my parts have been road approved, crash tested or in other way controlled for potential injury during use.
But i strive to have in mind that stuff can come loose,
and recomend the suggested safetymeasures,if i could think of any when you recieve it.

For shipping prices look under «Shipping and payment». You will find the answer there most likely.