Products for Volvo C30, S40, V50 & C70 P1 cars.


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C30 gaugepod with ventilation and 2x52mm
S40 gaugepod with ventilation and 2x52mm
V50 gaugepod with ventilation and 2x52mm
C70 gaugepod with ventilation and 2x52mm


Price: 1200NOK

Center Ventilation replacement with 2x52mm gauge holes. Bolt on, no modification needed!!!

Keeps stock Emergency blinker button operational.

No open\closefunction on ventilation.
(I donít remember last time i used to close my ventilationÖ)

Need separate part to direct air into the ventilation opening from the heater inside.
look further down if you donít want to fix something yourself. I got it available to be a fully bolt on solution!
Hose connection is ō50mm.

Finish is 3d printed, i do not offer surface treatment becouse there are so different preferances to how you want it.

In-car pictures from my í07 C70. directly sprayed with 3 layers of paint, no filler or something, just to get an impression. Recomend some sanding and filler before painting to match your wish of finish or colour. Bottom picture show printfinish with 0,4Nozle.
can be made with 0,6nozle for 900NOK but that makes it a lot more rough finish.

C30 gaugepod 1-4 x 52mm gauges
S40 gaugepod 1-4 x 52mm gauges
V50 gaugepod 1-4 x 52mm gauges
C70 gaugepod 1-4 x 52mm gauges

Price: on demand, not different than other modells.

Let me know what gauges you would like to fit and how many, there are max room for 4x 52mm gauges. Different sizes no problems. Can be customized to your demand.

Depending on your configuration ventilation will be keept or not.

Emergency blinker you can choose if you want or not depending on configuration.

C30 single din adaptor
S40 single din adaptor
V50 single din adaptor
C70 single din adaptor

Price: comming shortly, modell not finished.

Will replace the center airventilation duckt with room for a shallow Single din/ 1din media player. A normal 1din CD player is to deep to fit.
I will have a recomended Android unit fitted. Awaiting android unit to arrive before i can finish the design and have it as a recomended package. On these cars i have a recomendation on a 8,8inch wide android unit that i will put out here. Will look neet and modern i think.


Ingen bildebeskrivelse er tilgjengelig.
Ingen bildebeskrivelse er tilgjengelig.

C30 ventilation adaptor
S40 ventilation adaptor
V50 ventilation adaptor
C70 ventilation adaptor


Price: 350NOK

Screws inside the dashboard to have an airchannel out to the front with a ō50mm pipe between the front part and heatercore.
No modification needed, just two screws to hold it in place as pictured on the sides.
The screw holdes have nothing to say if put back to standard setting. The plastic they screw into is just a partial blind for the stock heater duct.

C30 ventilation blocker
S40 ventilation blocker
V50 ventilation blocker
C70 ventilation blocker

Price: comming shortly. Awaiting first unit for testing in my own C70

To fully block the heatercore inside the dashboard when using a singledin bracket in the front. Air normally distributed to the center airventilation hole will either be blocked by the heatercore it self depending on your distribution setting or directed with the air pressed out on the other airducts on your dashboard = almost the same amount of air will get out to your comfort area.