Products for Mercedes G Wagen W463 1991-2000



Mercedes W463 91-2000 G class G-wagen

Switchpanel and/ or panel for Auber instruments

Price: comming!

Location: on the right side of the singledin unit, instead of the factory pocket.

Suits two types for switches. Either Factory switches or Carlings switches.
Fits either single or double Auber instrument.
can also make for 52mm gauges and/ or switches.

Perfect to have a nice place to mount your EGT, Boost display.



Link to Auber instruments:

No affiliation, just good experience with the product on my own G350 W463.


Blueish picture on the LCD screen due to bad photolight.

Retaining part for the back side of the unit:

Fits W463 with this type of rooflight original, 1991-2000 models to my knowledge:

Roofmounted LCD screen and interior light pod for:
W463 91-00

2000 NOK

Mercedes W463 91-2000 G class G-wagen modell roofmounted lcd and rooflight pod. Sits perfect and works like a charm. This Will make life easy when installing rearview camera or 360 degree camera system or what ever you want up on the screen.

Fits with the original rooflight and secures with retainer on the back side with two screws. All mounting hardware included.

Link to Youtube Video:


Modified to fit spesified ebay lcd screen. If you have special requirements. Please contact me for redesigning.

Norway 180,-
Europe with tracking and insurance: 379NOK
Rest of the world with tracking and insurance: 447NOK


ps: no affiliation to ebay sellers below:
Link to specified LCD screen that have been made to fit:…/CARCHET-7-LCD-TFT-Scre…/352507602290…

also for rear view camera mounting find your prefered here for example.…

if you want front view camera:…/Front-View-Car-Camera-…/232639041205…

my prefered videoswitch unit. switches automaticly from rearview camerafeed to front view camerafeed before it switches of automaticly, used on many cars with perfect result, does also excist with 4 inputs if you want 360 degree view option:…/Universal-Car-Front-Re…/332125742789…




G-Wagen «Professional» licenseplate holder.

Made to be a more resonable but better and more flexible solution than the factory «professional» licenseplateholder that MB have to offer.

Price:2000 NOK
+ licenseplatelights (partnr can be supplied if you want to buy them your self localy)

This unit comes with two outer boxes that mounts on top of your door or wherever you feel you want to mount it.
it comes with an overlay that you hang on top of your rear door to drill correct mountingholes according to the boxes possition. Quality Hella licenseplatelights made to fit.

Premarked for drilling hole for Rear view camera in both boxes. Or you can order the boxes from me with holes ready from print to make it even better.

Can either be glued to the door with some strong glue or screw it in place with the 3 nuts i am delivering it with.