Volvo B230 + 16V Timingbelt cover BOLT ON








Complete Bolt-On Timingbelt cover for Volvo B230 Block and 16V cylinder head.

Price: 4500NOK + Shipping.


This cover is a straight bolt on fitment, to a B230 engine block and B234 cylinder head,
Most likely also a B204 16v head, but not had it available to confirm.

It’s the Worlds ONLY Complete front ant back cover, that is bolt on,
for this engine/ cylinderhead combination.
And it was the FIRST to ever come,if someone copies it down the line.


It is made with material able to deal with surrounding air temperatures up to 170 degree Celcius continiously.
Autoindustry got a minimum demand of 120-150, so this deals with temperature above industry standards.


It comes in four configurations depending on your setup or need.

1 – closed cover as pictured first. Stock crank pulley

2 – closed cover, with cutout for triggerwheel on custom crank pulley. Like KG Trimning type.

3 – open camgear with screw on gear cover, for stock crank pulley

4 – open camgear with screw on gear cover, for triggerwheel on custom crank pulley. Like KG Trimning type.


This have premarked cutout-area for Yoshifab Timingbelt adaptor, that is the best solution for timingbelt kit after my research on alignment of the belt. See green timingbelt setup lower left of this page.

This cover also support «VAG» setup with/ without the extra rollerwheel on the inlet side of the belt setup.
Simply cut away only the area needed on the cylinderhead cover part, to mount your timing kit to the metall, of the cylinderhead.


Timingbeltcover can be painted and is recomened to do so, to prevent dirt and enginegrease to fill the plastic surface. Pores colleect grease and oil. It will be difficult to paint or treat after initial install.

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